Everyone wants their own particular website to appear as high as possible in the search engines, or above their nearest competitor. All sites that we design are optimized for search engines, Google in particular, as 80% of searches on the internet are powered by it, it's called Search Engine Optimization.

However this is only half the story. 'You' will need to actively pursue links to your website to gain a high position in the search engines; the more sites that link to you, the higher your position in the search engines. This is an ongoing task and again this is another service that we can do for you, for a small charge. To find out more, just get in touch.

This is a two part solution, each part has its own price and in order to achieve best search results you should consider implementing both parts


PRICE Starts at - Rs. 5000.00

*Note: The above price includes optimization for 10 individual web page website, for each additional web page we raise an invoice Rs. 300.00.

We will prepare all the following for each web page on your website

1.Meta Tags Preparation
2.Keywords Placements
3.Title Preparation
4.Image ALT Tags
5.Robot File Preparation
6.Page Name Changes
7.Title description for TABLES
8.Sitemap.XML preparation
9.Cross checking Links
10.100% HTML or XHTML validations
11.100% CSS validations

Client needs to provide initial KEYWORDS for his business so that we can collect other relevant KEYWORDS based on our experience and research.

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