Amazon Product Lookup tool which is developed to scrap the data from the websites of amazon. It works with the differnt countries websites to get the details of a product which is searched by the user. It also provides the related feilds and information which is associated with the product in a really quick time.

Google scrapper is a tool that is developed to scrap the emails from the google. It can be used to search the related emails of the link which is being searched, you can search for any kind of information you want from google and this google email scrapper will scrap all the emails of your search results and will save all emails in a excel file.

Simply Hired is a Tool which is developed by GTech Informatics which is used to find jobs from the simply hired website and display the jobs with their links and option for applying the jobs.

Ebay email scrapper tool searches the ebay search engine as search entered by the user and gives all the details and emails of the search results.

Google Email Scrapper is a tool that scraps emails from the result of top queries of the saerch entered on the google , It will scrap all the emails of the top 10 urls as result provided by google.

Yellow pages Scrapper Scraps all the contact information from Yellow pages like address , city , state , phone number ,website url etc. for the URL entered by the user for Yellow pages search.

Data Scraper Square foot is a tool which logins itself to the squqre foot website and scraps all the property results as the category of property given by the user to scrap. It can be used to save the results into an excell or access format.

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